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Governing Body

Please talk to any of our governors about any aspect of our school’s provision; we welcome comments about what’s working well and any aspects which could be improved and developed further.


Currently (September 2016), the Governing Body membership is as follows:

Parent governors: Craig Eccleston + vacancy

Local Authority governor: Graeme Douglas (Vice Chairperson)

Co-opted governors: Catie Jones, Pam Jordan (Chairperson), Lisa Shepherd + vacancy

Staff governor: Paul Taylor

Headteacher governor: Anne Michelmore-Brown

Clerk to the Governing Body: Chris Davey

Governing Body Committees 2016/17

Following a year’s trial without committees, it has been decided to re-instate the Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee and the Curriculum and School Development Committee for 2016/17, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the school’s Governing Body. Membership of these committees is as follows:


Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee (FPP)

Mr. Graeme Douglas (Chairperson), Mr. Craig Eccleston, Mr. Paul Taylor, Ms. Anne Michelmore-Brown


Curriculum and School Development Committee (C&SD)

Mrs. Pam Jordan (Chairperson), Mrs. Catie Jones, Mrs. Lisa Shepherd, Ms. Anne Michelmore-Brown


Governors with Specific Responsibilities 2016/17

Safeguarding and Child Protection:                                     Mrs. Lisa Shepherd

Health & Safety:                                                                   Mr. Paul Taylor

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND):              Mrs. Pam Jordan

Early Years:                                                                          Mrs. Lisa Shepherd

English:                                                                                 Mrs. Catie Jones

Mathematics:                                                                        Mr. Graeme Douglas

Pupil Premium and Sports Funding:                                     Mr. Craig Eccleston

The Governing Body of Giggleswick Primary School has a range of powers and duties laid down by various Education Acts and its core strategic functions are:

  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

  • holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;

  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


The Governing Body of Giggleswick Primary School is made up as follows: the Headteacher, one Local Authority (appointed) Governor, one Staff Governor (elected), two Parent Governors (elected), four Co-opted Governors (appointed)


Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body and are members who, in the opinion of the Governing Body, have the necessary skills required to effectively contribute to the effective governance and success of the school. From time to time all Governors are required to undertake a Skills Audit so that the Governing Body can identify any potential ‘skills gaps’ should there be any future governor elections, and also so that relevant governor training can be arranged if deemed necessary. Cluster based training is organised wherever possible giving Governors chance to train locally and also meet colleagues from other local schools.


The four co-opted Governors are members of the local Community. The parent governors have regularly required elections which demonstrates the number of parents prepared to show the commitment to the school which is needed to be a governor.


Governors are expected to confirm that they have no business interests in the school, receive no gifts or any form of hospitality and are eligible to serve as a Governor (Statutory Declaration). All Governors hold an enhanced DBS Certificate and conform to the Disqualification Disclosure criteria.


The full Governing Body is scheduled to meet six times per academic year (once per half-term). In the academic year 2015/16, the Governing Body decided to have a trial of not having sub-committees. This was reviewed in July and the decision made to reinstate the two sub-committees - Finance, Personnel & Premises and Curriculum & School Development - as the Governing Body felt they had struggled to devote the appropriate amount of time to some items within the confines of the full Governing Body meetings.


Each Governor takes on a specified responsibility for a different aspect of the school such as English, Mathematics, Early Years, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, Health & Safety and Safeguarding. This ensures a focus for the Governors' visits to school when they are also able to meet with Subject Leaders and observe the pupils. The Governors are then able to report their observations and findings to the Governing Body. Governors are not however responsible for assessing the quality of teaching or undertaking formal lesson observations.


Members of the Governing Body regularly visit the school, some volunteer to help during the school week and the Chair of the Governing Body and the Headteacher meet weekly. Wherever possible, a Governor attends when Local Authority personnel visit the school. From time to time, the Governors undertake walks around the school alongside the Headteacher.


The School Development Plan is developed and agreed each year with all progress noted in the Headteacher's Report to the Governing Body at each meeting. The Governing Body sets and agrees the School Budget, with help from the Bursar, prioritising what has been highlighted in the School Development Plan and reviews the Budget again in the Autumn. Regular monitoring of the finances takes place with reports made available to the Governing Body for any discussion and decisions which may need to be made as the year progresses. Once a year the Governing Body reviews the School’s Financial Value Standards to ensure that it is following good practice and is fully compliant.


The Governing Body reviews all data, both that available nationally and that within the school, for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, including keeping track of children who attract Pupil Premium funding, and those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, also the Gifted & Talented children, to ensure all pupils’ needs are being met, and progress is being made, asking challenging questions when necessary. When it is deemed necessary, changes to provision are made and extra resources made available, such as increased staffing in Class 1 in 2015/16 and the introduction of Target Time Clubs in KS2. Likewise, Governors review the allocation of the Primary P.E.& Sports Premium money. The School introduced the use of 'Target Tracker' in 2015/16 and its use is being monitored.


Governors monitor the attendance figures and set the Attendance Target each year, and have seen progress year on year.


Safeguarding is a priority for Governors and is constantly under review, which has led to a new secure entry gate system installed in 2015 and the introduction of a new system for the start of the school day in 2016. Governors completed Prevent training during 2015/16.


The Governing Body continues to review and agree relevant policies throughout the year and introduce new ones to reflect new legislation as required.


The Governing Body works closely with three other like-minded schools within the Cluster, with the Heads and Chair of Governing Bodies meeting regularly to explore ways to work collaboratively and with all Governors having met and visited each other’s schools, which has been mutually very beneficial.


The Governing Body is also responsible for the Performance Management of the Headteacher.


Minutes of Governors’ Meetings are public documents. If you would like to inspect any Minutes from meetings, you can do so by requesting copies of the same from the Clerk to Governors.

Further information about our governors, including their registered business interests, is attached below: