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A caring community committed to encouraging individuals to succeed and fulfil their potential.

Charity Work

One of our aims is to develop in the pupils a sense of right and wrong and provide the necessary encouragement for them to become responsible, self-disciplined citizens, who are receptive and respectful towards others.

This is often achieved by encouraging pupils to take part in fund-raising activities to support charities. The pupils usually decide which charities they would like to support, through their School Council meetings and the older pupils often organise the events. We are proud of our tremendous achievements in fund-raising for charity, as we have raised an amazing £7451 for charities from 2005 – 2015!

During last year (2015 - 2016), we raised a total of £750 for the following charities: Save The children (£100), BBC Children in Need (£120), NSPCC (£95), Candlelighters (£95) and Comic Relief (£120).