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North Craven Swimming Gala

Well done to all KS2 pupils who took part in this event, especially those who joined the team at the last minute to cover for absent team members. There was some great participation and some very speedy swimming, resulting in lots of certificates and medals:

Y5/6 backstroke: Jack S (placed 1st), Amy

Y3/4 backstroke: Lewis (placed 3rd), Mabel (placed 3rd)

Y5/6 breaststroke: Ned W (placed 2nd), Connie (placed 4th)

Y3/4 breaststroke: Nichole

Y5/6 freestyle: Oliver B (placed 2nd), Phoebe (placed 3rd)

Y3/4 freestyle: Alex (placed 1st), Lottie (placed 3rd)

Y5/6 freestyle boys’ relay: Oliver B, Ned W, Jack S, Corey (team placed 1st)

Y5/6 freestyle girls’ relay: Phoebe, Connie, Libby, Cerys

Y3/4 freestyle girls’ relay: Lottie, Mabel, Isobel, Nichole