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Pupil Premium

Provision & Impact 2018-2019

Pupil Premium (which is additional to the government funding for maintained schools) is allocated to schools by the DfE for pupils who are known to be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM), as well as pupils eligible for FSM at any point in the last six years (known as the Ever 6 FSM measure); Service Children and children who have been ‘Looked After’ continuously for more than six months (LAC). Nationally, the statistics show that these pupils achieve less well than other children. The aim of the Pupil Premium money is to try to close that attainment gap. 


‘It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, as they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils at their school.’ DfE


At Giggleswick Primary School, we aim to offer an inclusive curriculum, where teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all our pupils, to ensure the best possible progress, whatever their needs or abilities. We realise that not all children who are eligible for Free School Meals are socially disadvantaged. Similarly, we recognise that not all pupils who are socially disadvantaged will qualify, or be registered for Free School Meals, be ‘looked after’ or be part of a ‘service’ family. Therefore, we allocate Pupil Premium funding on a needs basis, where we identify priority groups or individuals, but also ensure the above-mentioned groups are supported through this funding.


Pupil Premium funding is used to support the acceleration of pupils’ progress, trying to close the attainment gap and move pupils to attain at least in line with age-related expectations. The range of provision which may be considered includes:

  • providing individual, paired or small group work with a teaching assistant to focus on specific skills practice to overcome gaps in learning
  • providing additional 1:1 support from a teaching assistant to develop a pupil’s basic skills, self-esteem and independence
  • employing an additional teacher to enable more-targeted teaching of basic skills
  • purchasing resources which are effective in motivating pupils to engage in learning and in developing basic skills
  • employing staff to deliver a range of extra-curricular provision
  • subsidising or paying for some pupils to access additional activities or attend school social events
  • training staff to deliver interventions, or develop strategies to support a range of learning needs


Each year the provision funded by the Pupil Premium is reviewed; in particular its impact on pupils’ progress and this informs decisions about expenditure for the following year. Below are summaries of the provision and its impact for July 2016 (total amount received - £19,660) and July 2015 (total amount received - £22,300.)


2016/17 expenditure (£19,660) will focus on:

  • increased 1:1 and group support in KS2 to boost self-confidence and increase progress with maths, reading, writing

  • increased number of before and after-school KS2 Target Time Clubs to give additional support with independent learning skills and practice of targets

  • additional teaching hours for part of the week for smaller, focussed writing and maths groups

  • increased support or pupils’ mental health & well-being to develop resilience and boost self-confidence

  • additional weekly phonics sessions for some KS2 pupils to accelerate progress in reading & writing

  • the purchase of additional resources to support reading and maths to increase motivation & enjoyment

  • continued subscriptions to Accelerated Reading to enable pupils to become more motivated to read and improve their comprehension skills

  • continued subscriptions to My Maths & Sumdog to motivate KS2 pupils to practise Maths skills

  • contributions towards workshops, food technology lessons & study visits to enable disadvantaged pupils able to access all provision

  • contributions towards the cost of Gigglers before-school club, instrumental tuition & extra-curricular activities to enable disadvantaged pupils able to access full range of provision and increase their self-confidence, enjoyment & motivation