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A caring community committed to encouraging individuals to succeed and fulfil their potential.


At Giggleswick Primary School, almost three-quarters of our pupils come from outside the area normally served by the school, with 34% from the adjacent town of Settle and a further 44% from other villages within North Craven and beyond.


The number of pupils on roll varies slightly from year to year, although for the past few years, the roll has risen steadily. Currently (September 2020), there are 63, comprising pupils in: the Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception, aged 4 – 5 years), Key Stage One (Y1 and Y2, aged 5 – 7 years), Lower Key Stage Two (Y3 and Y4, aged 7 – 9 years) and Upper Key Stage Two (Y5 and Y6, aged 9 – 11 years).


In our school, pupils are organised into three mixed-age, mixed-ability classes, as follows:

Tems Class (9 Reception, 13 Y1, 1 Y3, 1 Y4)

Alkelda Class (7 Y2, 6 Y3,  9 Y4)

Harrison Class (11 Y5, 6 Y6)


Within each class, pupils are grouped and taught in different ways, according to the programmes of study and the needs of the individual pupils. With this flexible approach, staff are able to cater for the range of abilities and differing needs within each class.


Each class works with more than one teacher and teaching assistant during the week, so pupils can benefit from some specialist teaching at all stages of their schooling, as well as different teaching styles and a range of staff.