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Sports Activities

Throughout the year, in addition to using our multi-purpose hall and small yards, we rent the village playing fields, hire Settle Swimming Pool and during the winter months, we also hire Giggleswick School’s Sports Hall, which means we can offer all pupils a full range of activities to ensure the acquisition and development of physical skills, fitness and movement.


All pupils spend more than two hours a week on P.E. and depending on their programmes of study, lessons involve: fitness, games, athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities (OAA), gymnastics, dance, and all pupils also have one term of swimming lessons.


At the end of the 2014-15 academic year, we were pleased to be awarded the Sainsbury’s School Games Silver Mark for our P.E. and Sport provision and last year (2015-16), we were awarded the Gold Mark.


In addition, last year (2015-16), we were pleased to be awarded 'highly commended' for our pupils' engagement in physical activity (see award application below.)


Prior to that, we were awarded the Activemark 2006, 2007 and 2008 for each year that the scheme operated, which rewarded exceptional delivery of the National School Sport Strategy.


In addition to P.E. lessons, we are proud of the range of other sporting opportunities which we can offer to our pupils and which we continue to develop to meet their changing needs and interests. Over the past few years, these have included: fencing, cycling, fitness, dodgeball, streetdance, orienteering, football, tag rugby, cricket, skittleball, cross country running, multi-skills, swimming, rounders, golf and athletics.


Some of these activities are organised through the School Sports Partnership, which comprises all Primary schools within the North Craven cluster, as well as the wider Craven community and provides pupils with opportunities to participate in competitive events.


During last year (2015 – 2016), our pupils had the following additional sporting opportunities:

  • Sport-S-Cool Zumba (R – Y6)

  • Cross Country event ‘Ingleton Dash’ (Y3 – Y6)

  • Tag Rugby Festival at Giggleswick Junior School (Y5 & Y6)

  • OAA at Humphrey Head Centre (Y5)

  • Bikeability course (Y5)

  • Multi-skills (R & Y1)

  • Craven Cross Country Championship (4 pupils selected)

  • KS2 Football Tournament (Y3 – Y6)

  • Sport-S-Cool Dodgeball (Y2 – Y6)

  • Netball Festival (Y4 – Y6)

  • KS1 Gymnastics multiskills (Y1 & Y2)

  • KS2 Badminton (Y3 – Y6)

  • Zumbathon (Y3 & Y4)

  • Basketball Festival (Y5 & Y6)

  • Sport-S-Cool Streetdance (R – Y6)

  • KS2 Sportshall Athletics (Y3 – Y6)

  • North Craven KS2 Swimming Gala (Y3 – Y6)

  • Craven Schools’ Swimming Gala (1 pupil selected)

  • Sport-S-Cool Multi-sports (R – Y6)

  • Orienteering in Gisburn Forest (Y3 & Y4)

  • Catteral Shield Cross Country event at Giggleswick Junior School (Y3 – Y6)

  • Johnny Walker KS2 Tag Rugby & Netball Festival (Y3 - Y6)

  • North Yorkshire Cross Country Championship (4 pupils selected)

  • KS2 Quicksticks Hockey (Y3 – Y6)

  • Sport-S-Cool Rounders (Y2 – Y6)

  • North Craven KS2 Football Tournament (Y3 – Y6)

  • OAA at Buckden House (Y3 & Y4)

  • Tri-Golf Festival (Y5 & Y6)

  • KS2 Quad Athletics Festival (Y3 – Y6) (placed runners-up and 1st in small schools' category)

  • Kwik Cricket Tournament (Y5 & Y6) (placed runners-up)